We know that rattling off mumbo jumbo about the year we were founded and our company history will induce spontaneous snoring. Instead, let's cut to the chase and share with you the nitty gritty about us.  

We're gluttonous media sycophants;

That is to say that we're obsessed with landing articles that drive traffic (Read: customers and cash) to our clients' businesses.

We're anal-retentive workaholics;

That is to say that we're fanatical about delivering strategically driven results that impact our clients' bottom lines.  

We're penny pinching misers;

That is to say that we understand small businesses' budgets and their need to get the biggest bang for each buck.  

We're maniacal micro-managers;

That is to say that we're detail oriented comrades ensuring clients receive a high level of attention and expertise.  

We're fedora wearing contortionists;

That is to say that we're Jacks and Jills-of-all-trades, ready to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes.  

We're habitual mad scientists;

That is to say that we're constantly creating, imagining and discovering new yet original ideas and strategies for our clients.